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Minimise trips to the shops

Support your immune system

Keep the kids and yourself happy and healthy


Transition through lock down free from stress and in control.

Use the tools to boost your mood and support your immune system.

Come out of lock down a fitter, happier and healthier family.

100+ Page eBook

What you get:

Meal Planning Help

Only go to the shops once every 3 weeks (this reduces your exposure to the virus especially during the peak time).

Food swaps and how to substitute hard to get foods (if you are struggling to get staples such as flour).

Making best use of your fridge and freezer.

Reduce the stress, avoid the emotional eating and reduce your food bill by planning your meals.

Lunch maker check list for the kids to use.

Food journal template so you can stay focused.

Healthy Snacks

21 healthy snacks to buy

25 healthy snacks to make



5 Healthy Breakfasts

10 Healthy Lunches

21 Healthy Dinners


Healthy BBQ recipes

Homemade lolly recipes

Immune Boosting Plan

7 Day Plan with menu and recipes.

Top 25 foods to support the immune system.

Eat the rainbow especially for kids with activity check sheet.

How to calm fear and anxiety and help the kids do the same.

Supplement advice.

Julie Clark Nutrition by Branding Bee 69