Why does a Maidstone Nutritionist want you to eat seeds and nuts?

If I can only give one piece of advice it would always be to eat a handful of seeds and nuts every day. But why does a Nutritionist insist that you eat these foods and what are the benefits?

First of all let us look at the essential fats. We have in recent years been led to believe (mainly due to the diet industry), that low fat is best. Wrong!

We NEED fat! I’m not talking about lard here; I’m talking about the oily, slick and essential kind, omega 3 to be precise.

Essential fats are as they state absolutely essential; your body cannot make them so they must be obtained from the food you eat.

These essential fats are vital for the correct functioning of your heart, brain, immune system and skin. Signs and symptoms of deficiency include (but not limited to); dry skin, hormone imbalance, depression, anxiety, attention deficit, arthritis, dementia and heart disease.

Seeds and nuts contain good quantities of these essential fats. In a large container add a bag of mixed unsalted nuts plus a bag of mixed seeds and eat a handful of these a day.

Secondly let us look at minerals. Minerals are also vital for your health and although needed in only small quantities it is so easy to be deficient. For example; selenium is found in abundance in Brazil Nuts. Selenium is known to have anti-cancer properties so wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a Brazil nut every day?

Nuts and seeds are packed full of a wide range of minerals that could help protect you against some of the most serious diseases.

So please take this advice on board and make sure you include some seeds and nuts in to your family’s daily diet.

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