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Introducing food to your baby for the first time is an exciting transition but it can also be challenging and even scary.

There is so much conflicting information about weaning that knowing how to start, what first foods to give and even what equipment you need can be very daunting.

You want your baby to be healthy and happy and you know that having a good relationship with food is an essential part of their health and well-being. You don’t want a baby who’s fussy and for mealtimes to be stressful.

Let me give you the confidence you need to get the weaning stage right using the baby led method so you can enjoy exploring good food with your baby from the start.

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Get Back to You

10 week plan for Mums


Being a Mum is the hardest job you will ever do and as soon as you have a baby everyone else becomes more important than you as you focus all your energy and resources on your family.

However, there does come a point where we all stop and say – what has happened to me? This is so common and is exactly how I felt when I wrote this plan. It can come 6 months after having a baby, it could be 10 years down the road. It doesn’t matter when you have this moment, what matters is the action you then take.

The ‘Get Back to You’ plan shows you exactly the steps you need to take to feel and look great. This is not just diet plan, it is a complete programme that looks at all aspects of health including the emotional, mental and physical sides of being a Mum.

My 10-week plan will give you all the tools and support you need to rediscover yourself, achieve your weight loss and health goals and make long term changes.

This course runs 3x a year,
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Fussy Little Eaters

4 weeks to happier mealtimes


Having a fussy eater and not knowing what to do is incredibly stressful. Being afraid and anxious about an everyday event is no laughing matter but what if you could understand the situation from your child’s perspective.

If you knew why your child acted in this way and had the tools to react in a positive way, then meal times could become stress free.

My 4-week plan will help you to understand what is happening and give you ways to cope and implement gradual changes.

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One-on-One Appointments

Babies & Children, adults, fertility


  • Young children respond so well to natural help and it can be such a life changing experience especially if they are unsettled and suffering from disturbing symptoms.

    If your baby or child is having health issues that could be helped by nutritional medicine, then a one to one consultation is the best first option. I will always recommend that you seek advice from your GP before contacting me.

    During an initial consultation, I will look at your child’s medical history, symptoms, growth and development, sleep and their food intake plus other aspects including your pregnancy and the birth experience. Having a complete picture, I can advise and help you with an appropriate treatment plan.

    Initial 1-hour appointment: £75
    30-minute follow up appointment: £55

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  • A one to one consultation allows me to find out exactly what your issues and goals are as well as the obstacles and difficulties you currently face.

    During your first appointment, I will ask you lots of questions about your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle, current food intake and most importantly what you want to achieve from the sessions.

    I need to find out exactly what the main problems are – the root cause and then together we can agree a plan for you.

    My easy step by step approach will give you some key areas to work on and take in to account your day to day life including any restrictions i.e. having to buy lunch at work.

    In our follow up sessions I will check your progress, give you the next steps you need to make to achieve your goals and above all educate you so that you will know exactly how to lead a healthy life, not in the short term but for long term vitality.

    Initial 75-minute appointment: £120
    45-minute follow up appointment: £75

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  • You have the ability to influence the future health of your baby by improving your nutrition status before conception. During pregnancy, your need for certain nutrients and additional calories increases and there are some foods and drinks that should be avoided. A nutritionally dense and healthy diet specifically for pregnancy can reduce your risk of all known pregnancy complications and give your baby the best possible start in life.

    A one to one consultation will give you the tools you need to optimise your diet and lifestyle for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

    Initial 75-minute appointment: £120
    45-minute follow up appointment: £75

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  • If you have been diagnosed with unexplained fertility or you are considering IVF then addressing your diet and lifestyle can greatly improve your chance of success in conceiving naturally or via the IVF route.

    By making positive changes you can improve the quality of both the egg and sperm as well as influence the hormones and nutrients you need to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

    A fertility consultation will need to include both of you. I will review your current diet, lifestyle and any factors that may be affecting your fertility. Sometimes testing may be required and supplements will be used to help improve your nutrient status.

    There can be no greater achievement in my work than helping a couple to produce a healthy baby

    Initial 90-minute appointment: £150
    45-minute follow up appointment: £75

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