This plan is different and if you are serious about your health long term, you should sign up now. Our whole family benefitted from me learning how to meal plan, how to save money and eat better at the same time, how to calm down and take some time for you. How to exercise in a fun way, how to navigate the world of supplements, how to gain confidence and so much more. A happy bi product is I also lost all the weight I wanted to and carried on doing so long after the plan had finished. You get loads of support along the way, it was the best Christmas money I’ve ever spent! Don’t waste time with other plans that let you ‘treat’ yourself with Diet Coke and tell you that avocados are bad for you. Highly recommended.

Hannah King

The ‘Get Back to You’ plan is a complete game changer! It’s a 10 week ‘non-diet’ healthy eating plan which the whole family will benefit from. It’s completely guilt free; a bad day is simply followed by a better day. There is no emphasis on weekly weigh ins but success is measured by your sense of well-being. The support from Julie and ladies on the Facebook group is brilliant. If you can feel yourself slipping and need a nudge in the right direction, they’ll give it to you! The weekly chats Julie host within the group are a great way to share successes, get motivation and, honestly, some of the ladies are a real inspiration. The best part of the plan is the focus on you. It gives an opportunity to explore what you want to do, away from the business of family life. Personally, I’ve discovered complete joy in things I would never have dreamed of doing before the plan and pushed myself completely out of my comfort zone. A course I would highly recommend, not just for the fabulous recipes and meal plans but for giving me the confidence to push myself and realise that I am so much more than just a Mum.

Nicola Kingston

I started the Get Back to You plan shortly after completing Julie’s baby led weaning course. I had gained a huge 6 stone in pregnancy and my diet and lifestyle had been appalling. I felt it was important my ways changed for myself and my family. I lost the weight and my outlook on food has completely changed, once controlling my everyday life, I now know what better choices to make! And my family have benefitted from the plan too!

Julia Standen

I have spent most of my life on many different diets & wish I had come across this earlier. This plan teaches you how to stop dieting. It eliminates refined food & Julie takes you back to basics and teaches how to eat clean. The plan is realistic for today’s busy mum and fully adaptable. I love the recipes, weekly supports from other members and inspirational topics from Julie. She has endless buckets of support and is always there to get you back on track.

Nalin Reilly

I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for Julie and her baby led weaning course! I didn’t want a repeat of the battles I encountered with my first child when it came to introducing solids so I signed up for Julie’s BLW course. It was amazing, a real insight into how to create a positive experience for the family at meal times. Julie gave me the knowledge and confidence to use the BLW concept. My eldest son really enjoyed the BLW format and consequently meal times were fun and an absolute pleasure.

Sinead Ainsworth

I first met Julie at a buggy fitness class after the birth of my first son. I was interested in baby led weaning and decided to attend one of her courses. Not only did I learn about this fantastic method of weaning; I was also made me aware of all the other benefits of optimal nutrition.

Fiona Beardwell

I attended Julie’s baby led weaning course with my son just prior to him turning 6 months. Harry took to baby led weaning like a duck to water and I truly believe I have Julie to thank for that!

Julia Standen

I had a wonderful one to one weaning session with Julie and left with so much more confidence. I am thoroughly enjoying BLW. So many people have commented what a ‘good eater’ my daughter is. She has mastered using the Doidy cup with one hand and her motor skills improve every day. She can pick up the smallest pieces of fish or chicken or turkey just to make sure she has got everything. Thank you so much for all your help.

Jo Griffin

I first met Julie when my twins were 8months old, I’d already started spoon fed weaning and it’s safe to say we all hated it! I was sceptical but intrigued to try BLW but knew I needed help, so I joined one of her courses and it was a complete life changer! Anyone who is a little worried I cannot recommend Julie enough I tell everyone who’ll listen about her. At first I admit I found it difficult to adjust to the mess but it doesn’t last long and they loved it which meant I loved it. It was so easy and being a mum to multiples ease is a must! My girls are fantastic eaters, which I owe to BLW, they eat anything and everything and are a pleasure to go out to dinner with. We all get to eat together, instead of one of us helping and missing out. They’ve been that way since they were established eaters. Safe to say…. it’s worked for us and I’m an avid supporter! Thanks, so much Julie!

Katie Goldsmith

I highly recommend Julie to everyone, her help and guidance were on the spot, she listens to all your needs and considers every detail when giving you advice. She has a vast experience with children which makes her even more special. She helped with our daughter’s intolerance in just 2 sessions. Thank you, Julie!

Katia Rahman