I found the course really helpful. The content was very good and informative. It helped put my mind at rest and made me realise the things that I was doing wrong as well as how to correct them. The recipes were excellent, I’ve used the meal planner to offer my daughter different foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner which has been great as I was stuck in a rut of offering the same old choices.

Natalie Burr

My son had a stormy start to life; he has special needs as he has Down Syndrome. During the one to one consultation with Julie she gave me invaluable advice on how to help my baby build up his immune system, improve brain development and introduce solids. I completely trust Julie’s knowledge and advice she has given my family over the years, we are much healthier and enjoy a better balanced nutritional lifestyle thanks to her help.

Sinead Ainsworth

After I’d suffered three miscarriages, I made an appointment with Julie to see if she could help. She made a plan which involved a healthy eating regime with supplement support designed to balance hormones and optimise fertility. I stuck to the plan and my next pregnancy resulted in twins! They are now 2 1/2 years old and are causing me all sorts of trouble!! Julie really knows her stuff and is amazing at what she does. She has a passion for getting everyone eating healthily and really wants to help people. I would wholeheartedly recommend her if you are having any issues with fertility.

Fiona Beardwell

When I visited Julie I just couldn’t get a handle on my “snacking” which was leading to weight yo-yoing. After discussion with Julie it became very apparent my work and extra curricula balance with home life was very much out of kilter. In essence I was trying to do too much which gave me little time to think about what I was eating. I made the decision to do less for others and more for me. I joined a regular running group, alongside focusing on just eating simply. Not too much of the naughty but allowing myself a treat. And when I did slip, knowing just focusing on doing less was the key to me improving my mental and nutritional outlook! That consultation has had a profound effect on my relationship with food and life balance. Thank you, Julie.

Emma Gregson

I would highly recommend seeing Julie as she has a very holistic approach understanding the connection of treating the body mentally, physically and emotionally. Her knowledge of food is abundant and current and she has a genuine interest in helping people feel better. Julie taught me how to get the most nutrition out of my food and the importance of balancing with supplements. Following the appointment Julie gives you a plan of action that takes you back to basics. It is simple and methodical to follow. Meeting Julie was the best investment I have ever spent in looking after myself.

Nalin Reilly