Hello I’m Julie, a Registered Nutritional Therapist (in Whitstable, Kent) and my mission is to help you and your family, or family to be, enjoy a healthy life.

Using my knowledge as a Nutritionist and experience as a parent I will give you easy and practical advice with my step by step approach.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve had my share of health problems ranging from asthma to IBS, chronic fatigue, food intolerances/allergies and multiple miscarriages.

You could say I was particularly good at being a total stress head, taking on far too much, aiming to constantly over achieve, be especially competitive and the result –  I would burn myself out without understanding and realising how I’d done this!!

My life took a dramatic turn when I found myself seeking help from a Nutritionist in my early 20’s. My asthma was bad, I looked 8 months pregnant from bloating, all food seemed to cause me an issue and I was tired all the time. The doctors didn’t have a clue and just kept giving me more medication ending in a diagnosis of depression!

The advice the Nutritionist gave me was life changing for me, so much so nutrition became my vocation.

Fast forward to the year 2006 where I was awarded my degree in Nutritional Medicine from Thames Valley University (BSc. N. Med). This lead to a complete change of career from Construction Engineer to Nutritional Therapist.

In 2009 I had my first child, this was not straight forward and had been proceeded by a very traumatic miscarriage and then a highly traumatic emergency C-section.

Having a child made me realise the area of nutrition that really appealed to me – family health. In 2011 I feel pregnant with my second child.

Determined not to go through the same experience I used my nutrition knowledge and took a holistic view of this pregnancy. My daughter was born completely naturally at home in the birthing pool.

With two children to raise as healthy and happy as possible it became apparent that my knowledge, skill and experience could help other families. It spurred me to write my book Baby Led Weaning Step by Step which was published in April 2014 and to develop and run courses in weaning, fussy eating and healthy weight loss for new Mums.

I’ve also got a lot of personal experience of dealing with allergies and intolerances having suffered myself and had two children with cow’s milk protein intolerance.

Today my focus is on helping couples conceive, enjoy a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby, to know how to introduce that baby to the right foods as well as supporting new Mums.

I want to help those children and babies who are struggling with their health as well as preschool children who are a little fussy with eating and to teach the family how to eat a healthy diet and lead a healthy life.

I have definitely found my purpose in life and could speak all day and everyday about the benefits of good nutrition especially when it comes to our children!