Do you ever wonder if you and the kids are getting the right nutrients?

Maybe you eat a great diet and are wondering if you are actually absorbing all the nutrients in your diet? Maybe you have a fussy child and you worry if they are getting all the nutrition they need. Or maybe you just want to know if you are providing the best meals for the entire family.

If you are someone who takes supplements and your children take supplements, how can you tell if you are all taking the right ones?

Or maybe you wonder if a deficiency in a mineral like chromium is contributing to a difficulty losing weight? Or maybe you are wondering if your child’s behavioural issues are due to a toxic element, perhaps mercury? Or aluminium?

Many of us gauge our health by how we look and feel, but, this can only tell us so much. In order to find out how well the body is functioning on an intracellular level without doing lots of invasive tests, we can use a mineral analysis on the hair.

A hair mineral analysis test will reveal your excesses, deficiencies and toxic metal load. Lots of us know that minerals like calcium and magnesium are vital for health, but an excess of one element and a deficiency of another can negatively impact on our bodies, so, finding out our own unique levels gives us a plan to adjust diet, take the right supplements and make any changes needed.

A hair mineral analysis will provide a blueprint to increase performance, banish brain fog and improve energy. It can explain the causes of many health symptoms included those niggling little ones you might just have been ‘putting up with’.

This test is incredibly easy and is one of the cheapest tests available, yet it offers real value for money. It will measure the mineral content of your hair in the laboratory and will give you a wealth of information about your levels of nutrients and their rations and whether you are storing harmful substances.

This is a unique perspective on your health that would otherwise be hidden.

The hair sample is easily and painlessly obtained by a few simple snips, you need to give about a teaspoonful of hair which might sound a lot, but, most people don’t even notice that the hair has been cut away.

The sample can be taken at home and is then sent in the post with no need for a visit to the doctor or a laboratory.

This makes it an ideal test for children as well as adults as you can easily take the sample at home and the information provided may provide insights into imbalances that may be affecting a wider variety of conditions such as mood swings, depression, thyroid problems and even weight gain.

I use the test in my own clinic, on myself and with those I love to highlight deficiencies and to provide important information on diet and to identify the most appropriate supplements to take. In clinic I recommend the test when working with a wide variety of different cases and I do think it is the one test everyone should do at some point in their lives to check for any toxic elements and to see how their diet is working.

To order your test simply click HERE and I will arrange everything else for you.

For more information about the hair test click HERE to look at the company and laboratory I use.


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