Just stop trying!

I can’t remember who it was, but this was said in a conversation recently and it made me sit bolt upright!

The person said, “are you just trying and not doing?”

I see so many people TRYING to lead a healthy life or TRYING to lose weight or TRYING to get rid of their symptoms or TRYING to eat a healthy diet BUT……..


Many of them are failing.
Many of them are not losing the weight they want.
Many of them are not eating a healthy diet.
Many of them are not drinking enough water.
Many of them are not achieving their health and wellness goals.


Because they are trying and not doing!!!!

Could this be where you are going wrong?

There is a HUGE difference between trying and doing. And this is why I sat bolt upright when that sentence was said.


Think about it for a moment!!!

Now think about this……

I want you to try and eat a portion of green leafy veg a day.
Did you eat the veg? Did you actually eat the veg or did you just try?
Now I want you to eat the green leafy veg.
Did you eat the veg? Did you actually eat the veg? Did you DO something, or did you try?
Does this make sense to you?

Eek moment of truth – eek truth bomb – eek uncomfortable realisation!

When we are ‘trying’ we do not actually have to DO ANYTHING! Trying provides us with an excuse not to DO the thing we are trying to do!!!

Decide now to either do it or not!

So, if you have been TRYING to improve your health, I want you to STOP.

I want you to stop trying and I want you to start doing.

Let me know what you are going to start doing?

Now accountability goes along way. So, if you are ready to start doing something about your health, weight, diet, symptoms etc then I can most definitely help you to DO it!

Click here to have a chat with me about how you can stop trying and how you can start doing.

Julie x

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