Why Spring is the best time to reset!?

I typically do a reset ‘detox’ plan once every quarter BUT Spring is by far the easiest and best time to really maximise the benefits from cleansing your system.

Have you ever noticed how much harder it is to ‘diet’ during the winter months?

In the winter we are hard-wired to stock up and store our food. We look for comfort and warmth and foods around this time will tend to be more starchy, stodgy and generally more calorific.

Even our metabolism slows a little in the leaner months!

This is because food would have been scarce at this time and so our bodies are set up to slow down, stock up and literally vegetate!!!

Our body really does expect us to reduce our activity and conserve our energy during the colder and darker months.

When Spring comes around, we naturally think of new beginnings, new starts, cleaning, cleansing – oh and with the better weather coming we also tend to consider the types of clothing we will be wearing and activities we will be doing in the coming months!

Our energy is renewed with the increase of strength in the sun and we are more likely to enjoy lighter and leaner foods once the days become longer. There’s also more available fresh produce with an array of colours to tempt us.

We instinctively know that we need to refresh our bodies and shed the excess winter layer and many people will choose this time to look at their health goals.

In Chinese medicine the element that represents Spring is wood and wood involves the liver and the gall bladder – your primary detoxification organs!

So, Spring really is the BEST time to do a reset plan.

If you’re ready to clean more than just your house, then a safe and gentle reset can really give you a fresh start!

Whenever I run a ‘detox’ programme my aim is to simply nourish my body using natural, whole, delicious plant-based foods.

By concentrating on increasing my nutrients I can take the pressure off my over worked digestive system and free up extra energy to repair and renew my cells. I remove all of the things I know are not doing me any good, such a sugar and replace these with foods to support my immune system, skin and energy.

It’s so difficult to fully explain how you feel when you complete a reset programme, but I would definitely say you feel lighter and brighter. It’s a great way to ditch bad food habits and to be able to connect better to your body and what it really needs.

Want to join me for a fully supported, gentle reset plan? Just click HERE!

Natalie just completed a reset with me and had this to say:



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  1. Jaimie on March 11, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    It is interesting that you note that spring is a time where our energy is renewed. As levels of sunlight increase, our bodies absorb more vitamin D. However, countries in the northern latitudes only received adequate levels of sunlight between May and September. This means that is important to build levels throughout the year, by consuming foods high in vitamin D or taking supplements. This will allow us to thrive during spring-time. Thanks for the blog!

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