Gift ideas for your health-conscious family and friends

I have a few ideas for you (it’s basically my own wish list!)

???? Journal: I do love a journal and can personally vouch for the Daily Greatness Journal. They have a variety of different journals so choose to suit the person you are buying for. You can even get a 15% discount by clicking HERE.

???? Recipe Food Box: from The Mindful Chef. They are absolutely fantastic and cheaper than you would think. You can set up a regular delivery or do a one off! They even do gift vouchers!!! If someone could do this for me, I’d be over the moon!!! And if you use the link above you will get a massive 25% off!

???? Natural, Organic Products: Any health-conscious fan will LOVE to use natural products. From makeup to body lotions to nail varnish you can now get a huge selection of great products both from the high street and online. I personally love these products from Lotus Therapies and you can even get a letterbox friendly package sent. Perfect! Look at for the Black Friday offers as a fairy told me there may be a big flash sale!

???? Box of Healthy Snacks: It is far too easy to overeat on the sugar loaded snacks over Christmas so why not treat your friend to an entire box of guilt free options. Treat trunk offer a subscription service or you can buy a one-off box. Use the code Julie10 to get 10%.

???? Magazine Subscription: I have been a subscriber of The Natural Health Magazine for years. It is absolutely fantastic. That’s all I’ve got to say about that!

???? Reusable Bottle: I’m always carrying a water bottle with me and one day someone will buy me a Chilly Bottle! I love the designs!

???? Flask: Yep I’ve got to the age where I like to take a hot drink with me when I’m out and about! (I do love a cup of tea). The plastic free flask from Klean Canteen will definitely fit the bill. If you use this link you’ll get 25% off – you’re welcome.

???? Healthy Chocolates: Yes, such a thing does exist! If you sign up to my Christmas Treats Workshop you’ll know exactly how to make them! Alternatively you could opt for these Raw Chocolates – Dark chocolate coated Brazil Nuts

???? Non Alcoholic Gin: Tastes just like the real stuff but without all the horrible side effects. This gift set from Seedlip looks just the ticket.

???? Cookbook – I love the Deliciously Ella’s cook books and her latest one Quick and Easy is really practical, full of great advice and the recipes really are quick and easy!

???? Book:  Given the year we’ve had so far I think everyone could benefit from Dr Chatterjee’s book, The Stress Solution.  Full of fantastic advice and simple ways to reduce stress.

???? Ethical Clothing: There are some great brands for ethical clothing from People Tree to Thought as well as some lovely designs made from bamboo by Bam

???? Voucher for local therapist: Support your local therapist by buying a gift voucher! You could even give a nutrition consultation. Just book HERE.

???? Bath Salts: Magnesium (Epsom Salts) bath products help to calm the body as well as a whole host of amazing benefits. I just love this range by Eco Bath London.

???? Online Exercise Class: Due to the current restrictions most, classes have gone online. I personally do Pilates twice a week with Catherine Chapman Pilates. Alternatively find a class that you know your gift receiver will love.

???? Eye Mask: Sleep quality is vital for health but so many people just don’t get enough of it. Treat your friend or family member to one of these epic eye masks from Alaska Bear (my husband said it was the best present ever as it has really help improve his sleep).

???? Meditation: I personally use the Headspace app and find it invaluable. Give someone the gift of peace this year.

???? Beeswax Paper: Help the environment and ditch the clingfilm!! Beeswax paper is the way to go.

???? Organic Fruit & Veg Box: I use Riverford but you could check out your area for any local companies.

???? Gift Box: I cannot recommend Friend in a Box highly enough. They are simply amazing!

???? Blue Light Filtering Glasses: We all use our devices a great deal, especially with so much online now. We know that the light emitted from these devices can seriously mess with our health. Gifting someone a pair of blue light filtering glasses (even the kids) could make a huge difference to their health. These glasses from Blue Light Glasses are very affordable.

???? Lunch Box: If you follow my social media you will know I’m a huge fan of Yumbox – not just for kids!!! Black Friday offers now on!

???? Adopt an Animal: You can’t wrong with this one! WWF

???? Jewellery: Your health conscious friend will love any of the pieces from the collection at Mantra Jewellery. Choose from symbols of strength to messages of hope and belief or positivity and inspiration.

???? Crystals:  I do love a crystal and these packs from The Psychic Tree are an awesome gift. You can choose from sleep well, to release anxiety to making positive changes to healing or abundance (there are many more to choose from). If you friend or relative is in to natural health and well-being they will love these.

Did you see anything you like? What would be on your wish list?

Let me know in the comments.

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