If I were PM….

Without getting too political or getting on my soap box too much I wanted to give you my take on what I think we should be focusing on when it comes to people’s health – especially those classed as vulnerable.


I’ve known for many years now (since I studied nutrition as it goes) that there are some big industries and companies that control our health. And these companies, for the most part, have absolutely NO INTEREST in any of us being healthy.


This also extends to the environment and how these big companies control policy that is damaging our planet. For those interested I urge you to read the book Food Fix by Dr Mark Hyman and to watch the documentary Biggest Little Farm. They will explain how modern farming is ruining the soil and how this is impacting our immune systems and even flooding.


When the pandemic hit, I hoped that something positive could come out of something so dire. I thought NOW, finally NOW we will see a focus on health and in particular prevention.


But this has not happened.


There is increasing evidence (as we learn more about Covid-19) that our vitamin D status is pretty important. That our levels of vital immune supporting nutrients such as vitamins A, C & E plus the minerals selenium and zinc are kind of vital! And that stress and fear lower our ability to fight infection and disease.


For an evidence-based look at this, my trusted source is The Alliance for Natural Health. Throughout this pandemic they have published a Coronacast looking at all of this. Click HERE


I have been utterly dismayed that off-licences were deemed essential (alcohol lowers zinc levels – rather important for the immune system). Vulnerable people were not even allowed outside for a walk (we get our vitamin D from the sun). We had daily broadcasts telling us how many people had died (putting us all in fear which, guess what lowers our immune systems). And then when lockdown starts to ease, therapies that help people to boost their immune systems and combat stress and anxiety are not allowed to open and even worse grouped in with strip clubs!


For f**ks sake!!!


And let’s not even go into the amount of emotional eating and drinking that has been going on because of all of the above!!!


If I were PM and I really wanted to help the citizens of my country (especially the most vulnerable) to be as robust as possible against a life-threatening virus here’s what I would do:


  1. Test for vitamin D deficiency. I can arrange a private test for £30 so imagine what an entire country could get the test for!!!
  2. Test for mineral levels such as zinc. I can arrange a private test for £69 so again imagine what an entire country could negotiate!!
  3. Then give those people the nutrients they need. Vitamin D is a cheap supplement and could mean the difference between life and death (and no I’m not exaggerating).
  4. Advise people of the best foods to improve and support their immune system (maybe even employ the struggling nutritional therapists to help the NHS as we know exactly how to do this).
  5. Stop all the fear mongering (so many people now have anxiety or have had their anxiety levels increase – at the same time as taking away their therapies!!).
  6. Allow the therapists to work because they have some of the most clean and sterile environments, limited exposure to people and are happy to wear the PPE and clean their premises because they CARE about their clients.
  7. Give people £10 off their fresh fruit and vegetables each week rather than a discount to eat at a restaurant (no offence to all the restaurant workers and owners – I cannot wait to have a meal out again).


But alas, instead we are allowed to go the pub (yes let’s drink ourselves well and mentally healthy), go to non-essential shops, crowd on the beach, share public toilets and yet I’m not aware that any of us have been given actual helpful advice on how we can best support our health other than be 2m from anyone and wash our hands!!


Oh, and wait for a vaccine that may never come!


We could instead choose prevention and instead focus on nourishing ourselves with healthy food,  drink enough water to keep us hydrated, improve the quality of our sleep, manage our stress levels, move our bodies and live our life knowing we are doing the absolute best to look after our most important asset – our well-being!


Rant over…..


To anyone who comes under the vulnerable category I highly recommend you get your vitamin D tested and your mineral levels checked. If you need help just contact me HERE.


For anyone who wants to know how best to support their immune system then this is a reminder that I have included an immune boosting programme in my Lockdown Food Survival Plan HERE.


And for anyone who is realising the importance of health and that a little work is required to be the best and healthiest version of themselves then click HERE.


What would you do if you were PM?



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