1. Drink more water

Your body is made up of 60% water, drinking more water helps your body to work more efficiently. Think of a fish tank with the filter turned off – this is your body on the inside if you don’t drink enough water.

Evidence suggests a link between weight loss and drinking water. Why? Because you will eat fewer calories if you drink more water.

For energy, concentration and clearer skin!

Your digestive system relies on water and if you suffer from constipation this is especially important for you!

Set a target to drink 4 glasses a day – have a glass as soon as you wake up as you will be naturally dehydrated after a night’s sleep.

  1. Make one snack a piece of fruit

Fruit is the original fast food and comes packed with nutrients to improve your health. Just by adding a piece of fruit as one of your daily snacks could offer some protection against the top major diseases.

  1. Move

Simply move your major muscle groups each day. Studies show even 3 minutes a day can make a huge difference so set yourself a target to do this. Try jumping jacks, dancing, running up the stairs, squats – it’s just 3 minutes!

  1. Laugh and Hug!

Instantly releases your feel good hormone and engages core muscles. Incorporate a family group hug on a daily basis!

  1. Portion Size

Your plate should be roughly ¼ carbohydrates, ¼ protein and the remainder vegetables, fruits or salads. Your stomach is the size of your two fists together – try a smaller plate and eat slowly. By reducing your portion size you could be cutting your calorie intake by 20%!

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