Are we all trying to do too much?

Last week I was ill, and I mean ill, unable to function/work/take the kids to school etc AND to be honest I’m not surprised.

My friends joked and said to me “you need to take your vitamin D” or “best eat up your quinoa” and other things I can’t possibly repeat on this blog.

But the thing is, I do take my vitamin D and eat my quinoa, so what went wrong?

Well first of all I ignored the warning signs!

You know the ones……………….

  • You feel more tired than usual
  • Your digestion is not quite right
  • You have a headache when you don’t normally get headaches
  • You maybe get a mouth ulcer or a cold sore
  • You crave sugar
  • You get easily angry and are irritable
  • You feel overwhelmed
  • Maybe you had some chest pains!!!!

Maybe, there were some BIGGER symptoms, but you still ignored them (I am seriously talking about myself now!!) BECAUSE you are too busy!

Just like you I don’t have time to be ill, so I ignored the little symptoms that turned in to big symptoms and then BAM your body decides to floor you for a week or two!

Now this is my epiphany having spent an entire week feeling sorry for myself.

“I cannot help and look after my family, friends and clients if I am first failing to look after myself”

You may well be the same. Are you too busy taking care of everyone else and forgetting yourself?

What to do?

  1. Be aware that you are too busy, and you need to make changes (this is easier said than done)
  2. Learn to say No! (this is going to be a difficult one for me too!)
  3. Be present (this may mean turning your phone off at a certain time or setting fixed work hours, especially if you’re like me, self-employed)
  4. Listen to your body (have you got symptoms you are ignoring?)
  5. Breathe (take a couple of minutes each day just to sit, be still and breathe)
  6. Put yourself first (as stated above you are no good to anyone if you’re not your best)

Please look after yourselves, and try to get rid of some of those plates you are spinning or balls you are juggling! I know I will be ?




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