7 Months Old

Wow! Rosie is already 7 months old and is doing really well with feeding herself. The two teeth she now has are being put to good use and she is really getting stuck in with foods like chicken. This weekend she demonstrated baby led weaning at a Baby & Pregnancy Event. She decided it would be really good to show everyone the gag reflex (and although I’m used to this and know that it’s perfectly ok she did rather have me concerned when doing it in front of everyone, the little monkey!). She showed her ability to pick up and eat broccoli, cauliflower, baby sweet corn, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and sandwich fingers followed by melon wedges and orange segments. Good job she was hungry!

A couple of weeks ago my husband sorted out breakfast for Rosie so I could have a lay in. How wonderful you may be thinking! Well yes, except for the slight mishap on what he fed her! Now I would like to remind all of the Mums who are baby led weaning their babies, following the guidelines and making food from scratch ensuring no salt and sugar, that the men do not have a clue!! My husband who I just assume is clued up gave our daughter honey on toast! After my initial panic I reminded myself that botulism is in fact rare and I just kept an eye on Rosie over the next few days to make sure nothing happened. Honey should not be given to children under 1 year old because of the botulism risk.

We have moved Rosie from the bumbo to her Ikea chair. She is extremely happy in this high chair and I am very pleased with how easy it is to clean after having the Chico Polly. She is now taking food down at each of her main meals and rarely misses a meal now. I’ve even given her an afternoon snack on a number of occasions. She likes Organix flavoured rice cakes which I’ve now generally got in my bag when we are out and about.

A roast dinner prepared for a baby doing self feeding

Last week we had tiger prawns in a tomato sauce which Rosie really enjoyed, eating four of them which is extremely impressive! Another recent favourite is lentil and squash curry which she has now had twice and on both occasions has managed to eat a small bowlful.

I am continually shocked at the amount of added sugar that baby yoghurts and fromage frais contain. We have been using Rachel’s First Yoghurt which does not contain any added sugar. Rosie really likes these and can easily eat half a pot (the pots are full size which I find a bit odd for a baby yoghurt!).

This week I’ve also been looking a breakfast cereals. We generally use Oatibix, Shredded Wheat or porridge as these are all wholegrain with little or no added sugar. The majority of breakfast cereals contain high levels of salt and sugar. Take for example Apricot Wheats; these contain 20% sugar!

Rosie’s milk feeds have now reduced. She has on average 4 feeds in the day and one during the night. She is showing signs of dropping the night feed and has slept through from 6.30pm until 7am on a number of occasions (although not enough for my liking!). I think she will also drop the late morning feed soon as she is eating so well at breakfast and lunch.


Demonstrating Baby Led Weaning at a local event

We are off to Spain next week so I will look forward to reporting Rosie’s baby led weaning progress from the sunshine!

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  1. Clare Gladwell on May 14, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    I love reading your blog, it brings back happy memories of BLW. I attended your course just before I started and it was the best thing I could have done – I would recommend it to anyone considering BLW. In fact I think it should be the only way to wean little ones. We have just returned from holiday and my 17 month tried lobster and scallops both new tastes – infact she will try anything. She may not like everything but always gives it a try. She can now use her fork with grace and ease, we have less food on the floor and meal times are a pure pleasure and eating out a dream. BLW all the way.

    Hope you enjoy your holiday Rosie and looking forward to the next blog.

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