Week 3

This week has been quite challenging! Rosie has been getting on exceptionally well with her food and has really taken to most things she’s been given. She seems to enjoy melon and pear in particular as well as kiwi, broccoli, carrot and yoghurt. However Rosie may be teething as she has been very erratic with her sleeping and feeding, has bright red cheeks and lots of dribble. She has also been suffering very badly with constipation and her bottom is very red. This is the first week that she has been really swallowing the food but despite the constipation she continues to eat well.  She has been straining, going right red in the face and then on occasions has screamed when she has passed a very small stool. She has been having a bath morning and evening in Epsom salts for the last two days as well as homeopathic treatment and reflexology so hopefully this constipation will pass as it is not at all pleasant. Her hand to eye coordination is extremely precise and she is getting very good at picking up small foods. She likes pear and is determined to pick up any leftover using almost a pincer grip. It will not be long now before she does get her pincer grip. She loves her Tommy Tipee Beaker and does drink quite a lot of water. She is still using the Bumbo to eat but we have purchased the Ikea high chair and have decided to sell our Polly Chicco. Baby led weaning is messy so the easier a high chair is to clean the better!

Rosie is still not sleeping through the night so last night I did not give her a feed when she woke up. I changed her nappy and then put her back in her cot with her lullaby music and lights on. She cried for about 15 minutes and then went back off to sleep from 4am until 8.30am; a clear indication that she is not hungry as her last feed was 11pm!!! During the day she is having 3-4 breast feeds plus one at bedtime and then one during the night. There is no pattern to her naps and quite often she doesn’t sleep during the day.

This week she has been waking up around 8am and then having her breakfast with her older Brother and myself. Once I’ve got her cleaned up and changed she has been having her breast feed. She doesn’t seem to mind this at all. She then tends to have a feed late morning and then we have lunch. She has another feed around 3-4pm and then dinner is about 5-5.30pm. She goes to bed at 7pm and has a feed just before. She then wakes up at some point in the night and I will usually give her a feed although last night she had a feed at 11.30pm and then woke again at 4am where I just changed her and put her back down.

This week she was also weighed to check her progress. At the start of her weaning she was 21lb and this week she weighed 23lb. It is very common for babies to drop a little weight or flat line when starting out with baby led weaning so an increase in 2lb is very good.

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