Back to school – protect them from bugs, colds and other nasties!

With the kids starting back to school, this first term is officially the worst for catching bugs especially for those starting in reception.

There are some simple ways you can help to boost their immune system, prevent illness or encourage a speedier recovery.


This is so incredibly important as this is when the body is growing, repairing and rejuvenating itself. Hormones are processed and the brain is able to reflect on the lessons of the day.

If your child does not get sufficient sleep it reduces their immune system, affects growth, encourages a preference for sweet foods, increases mood and emotional issues and causes hyperactivity.

Be sure to switch off screens at least 1 full hour (preferably 2 hours) before bedtime as the light emitted from these devices plays havoc with their sleep hormones. Also avoid blue night lights as these have a similar affect!

The recommended amount of sleep required for a child in Reception year is 10 to 13 hours.

Children aged 6 years to 13 years need 9 to 11 hours.

For most that will mean being asleep by 8pm.


The most important nutrients for the immune system are vitamin A, C, D & E, the minerals iron, zinc and selenium plus essential fats and good bacteria.

There are some easy ways to ensure your children are getting these essential nutrients:

  1. 2 servings of fruit a day i.e. include some berries at breakfast and a fruit snack after school.
  2. 5 servings of vegetables a day i.e. carrot snack, cucumber & pepper in packed lunch, 3 types of vegetables for dinner (include some green leafy ones for iron). You can even add some at breakfast i.e. spinach omelette.
  3. Seeds, this contain so many nutrients, either give these as a snack (pumpkin seeds are lovely) or use ground at breakfast or in your baking. i.e. healthy flapjack homemade.
  4. Live yoghurt contains good bacteria, this is vital for the gut and immune system. Use a natural organic brand such as Yeo Valley.
  5. Oily fish, aim to have at least one portion of oily fish a week i.e. salmon

Avoid processed foods and eat real, natural food.

Avoid trans fats and hydrogenated fats as this are known to cause immune issues.


Children need to drink a litre of water a day on average. Water is so important to health, energy and the immune system. Every single cell in the body is surrounded by water. It is so important that even being a little dehydrated (2%) can reduce performance by 30%.

There are some ways to help encourage your children to drink water:

  • Set an example by drinking water yourself.
  • Always have a jug of water that your child can help themselves too if they cannot reach or operate the tap.
  • Have water with snacks and meals.
  • Dilute juices with at least 50% water.
  • Make ice lollies or give them a cup of ice cubes – works every time!
  • Do not give tea as this blocks important nutrients.
  • Avoid using too many squashes as these contain sugars or artificial sweeteners.


When my children start back to school I always give them a course of probiotics. These are the ones I recommend.

Proven Children’s A-Z with Probiotics.

Proven Fit for School

Animal Parade Acidopi Kidz

Optibac for Babies and Children

For those that have a tendency to chest infections or asthma I would recommend Black Elderberry. There are a number of good brands but Sambucol is particularly good and in liquid form or chewable teddies.

At the first sign of any issues, I recommend Colloidal Silver. Spray directly in to the mouth 5 times. This can stop an illness in its track. You can also get drops for those with ear problems. The spray works particularly well for tonsillitis.

Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient that is reliant on our exposure to the sun. during the autumn and winter months it is recommended that all children and adults in the UK supplement with vitamin D.


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Good health to you and your children,



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