I’m sure you are not dreaming of a fat Christmas but………


The average person will consume twice their normal intake of calories on Christmas day alone and will pile on ½ a stone in weight during the festive period.


If you stop and ask most people if they are happy with their weight the most common response is “No, I’d like to lose ½ a stone”.


So how depressing to put on ½ a stone at Christmas – now you have a stone to lose come New Year.


But it’s Christmas, a time for a little indulgence


Yes it is Christmas and I for one will be enjoying the treats along with everyone else, however I have absolutely no intention of putting on any weight.  I may be a Nutritionist but I like to have my cake and eat it and that includes Christmas cake, Rocky Road and Hotel Chocolat goodies.


There are some really simple tips that anyone can do to prevent the Christmas weight piling on. Here’s the first one for you:-


Eat slowly – that is all! Savour that lovely food, chew well and really enjoy the flavour!


Want to know more?


Pop over to this facebook group where you will be given a plan for the Christmas period and all the tips.


Just think how smug you will feel when you’ve enjoyed all the treats without putting on the pounds!


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