Help! I’m a Mum, what happened to my body – week 2 The Set Back!

Help! I’m a Mum, What Happened to my body? Week 2 The Set Back

After my first week elation week two of my diet and exercise programme has not gone quite to plan!

First of all it was Granddads birthday so my three year old and I made gingerbread men. Arghh lovely I hear you cry, except for the fact that when you make gingerbread men biscuits you have to eat them!! Now that wasn’t exactly on my diet plan but they were very delicious (all 20 of them!!).

Secondly, on Saturday evening both my children decided to wake up at various times of the night resulting in me getting approximately 4 hours sleep in total. Then on Sunday I had to do a wedding fare for my DJ husband as he had double booked himself. Me being extremely tired and then having to stand in a marquee talking to brides all day resulted in me being rather exhausted come Monday.

I did manage to do my run on Monday night but I have to admit I found it incredibly hard and on reflection I probably shouldn’t have done it. Tuesday came and I felt rather poorly. On the positive side I did have my hair done which looked great although my husband said “I prefer it long like when we first met” Grrrrrr! I also had my eyebrows waxed and actually wore matching underwear and a Ted Baker dress. That made me feel so much better.

The rest of the week has been extremely busy and with me still trying to catch up on my lack of sleep from the weekend I felt I couldn’t do any running. We also went to the Olympics on Wednesday so another busy and tiring (although awesome) day which also included eating at Wagamamas. I feel quite annoyed about the lack of running as the next phase of the programme needs me to run for longer and I was so pleased with myself for completing week 1. Previously it’s been a 60 second run and a 90 second walk but this week it was supposed to increase to a 90 second run. Now I appreciate that this sounds really easy but believe me it is not! I will go for a run tomorrow but that will be the first time since Monday. I will probably die!!!

The good news is that apart from the gingerbread men slip up, a meal out and the lack of exercise I’ve stuck to my dietary plan and still managed to lose 2lb. Hurray! I do believe the diet has helped me cope with what has been quite a challenging week.

In many ways its good when you get these setbacks as I’m sure it will be the same for all you other Mum’s and as I said on my last blog – “if I can do it, then so can you”.

My top tip this week is to make sure that your breakfast is the best it can be. Most cereals like Special K contain loads of sugar and not a lot else. You need some protein and essential fats not just a plate full of simple carbohydrates. Why not try Oatibix with soya milk, topped with a spoonful of mixed seeds and some chopped banana with a cup of red bush tea. Delicious!

The first week of my plan is nearly written up so should be ready to go online soon.

Julie x

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