Help! I’m a Mum, What Happened to my Body – Week 3 The Confession!

Help! I’m a Mum, What Happened to my body? Week 3 The Confession!

My name is Julie and I’m a Nutritionist. On Saturday I ate an entire box of maltesers and drank ¾ of a bottle of wine to myself! There I’ve said it out loud and everything. Now you may be feeling shocked that a Nutritionist would even eat and drink the above let alone admit it! I do hope I have not just committed career suicide.

I think it is important that you know that I am actually human. Most people will think that Nutritionists go around being perfect, eating brown rice and beans and drinking herbal tea all day long but just like you we all have our off days.

Now in my defence I had had a very demanding day (children related), Rosie has just turned 1 year and is cutting teeth like you wouldn’t believe it and Charlie who is 3 years old is waking up with nightmares! All this has resulted in disrupted sleep again. Arghhhh!!! Seriously did anyone tell you how exhausting it is to be a Mum!?

The tiredness has also affected my ability to do my running so I’ve had to resort to doing toddler exercise. This mainly involves doing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, pushing the swing, pushing the pushchair, climbing around the soft play area, you know the sort of thing.

Also in the last week or so I’ve had my sisters 40th birthday meal, Grandma’s wake meal, a rare evening out with my husband and a McMillan coffee morning!

Life can really get in the way when you are trying to eat well, exercise and find your mojo! A book caught my attention this week; it was entitled “I’d change my life if I had more time!” I think this is calling out to me and I may just have to buy it and see what it says (that’s if I can find time to read it).

So that’s basically what’s been happening. It’s not all bad though! I am in to week 3 of my 0-5k running app and can now run 3 minutes without dying! I treated myself to a new outfit including accessories (it was very exciting) and gave myself a home facial and pedicure. I’ve also signed up for Pole Dancing classes which start on 15th October to really get my vavavooom back!

My weight has stayed the same despite the meals out and lack of exercise so that’s good.

I hope you feel relieved and reassured that even someone like me can have these slip ups and setbacks. The good thing is that instead of just giving up I get myself back on track and always look at each day as a brand new start with no mistakes.

My top tip this week is to choose your snacks carefully. So many reduced calorie, low fat snacks (snack a jacks, special K cereal bars to name but a few) are just no good for you. They will leave you feeling hungry and lacking in the essential nutrients your body needs to lose weight and feel good.

These are some of the snacks that I use:

  • ·         Rice cake with peanut butter
  • ·         Apple with a few nuts
  • ·         Homemade flapjack
  • ·         Hummus with oatcake
  • ·         Naked or Fruitus cereal bars
  • ·         4 squares of dark chocolate
  • ·         Natural yoghurt with a handful of blueberries

If you eat because you are stressed, tired, fed up etc then I can recommend the Bach Emotional Eating Kit or alternatively a hypnotherapy session.

And finally………………”if I can become a Yummy Mummy by Christmas then so can you”

Online plan coming soon……………………I promise

Julie x

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