Top 10 Health Related Books

I love reading about health and it was reading that first got me in to nutrition. In this blog I give you my top 10 favourite, inspiring and useful health related books.

1. The Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford. This is the first book I read on nutrition and this is the book that ultimately changed my life. After reading this book I arranged a consultation with a BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist. This appointment then led me to discovering why I was ill and what I need to do about it. After my recovery I went on to study for my BSc in Nutritional Medicine. The rest they say is history!

2. Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus. This book was on the reading list when studying for my degree. Having grown up in the era of ‘fat is bad, and you must follow a low-fat diet to be healthy’ this was the first time I realised that the information fed to us in the media could be so wrong. This book is a very comprehensive read but it is so incredibly well written and such an eye opener. Ideal if you’ve always struggled with inflammation and weight and think that fat is the devil!

3. The Nutritional Health Handbook for Woman by Marilyn Glenville. During my studies I got to see Marilyn speak. Immediately after hearing her talk I bought her book, which I still refer to, to this day. I believe every woman should have a copy. It is easy to read and full of great advice about anything related specifically to woman from painful periods to the menopause.

4. Pure, White and Deadly by John Yudkin and Robert Lustig. This book is all about sugar. It will stop you in your tracks the next time you go to eat the white stuff. I personally think this book should be part of the school curriculum! A must read for anyone who cares about their health and the health of their children!

5. Eat Dirt by Dr Josh Axe. This book is so good I’ve even purchased copies and had them sent to some of my clients. I see a lot of people with gut issues. During my studies we were taught to always recommend probiotics as part of any treatment plan. Giving the explosion of research in this area and the fact you can now buy products like Kefir in your local supermarkets, I think my Professor was light years ahead with this advice. This book gives clear scientific research as well as solutions to many issues where the gut is at the root of the problem.

6. Project Me for Busy Mothers by Kelly Pietrangeli. Health is not just about what you eat or how much you exercise. In this book, Kelly absolutely nails a holistic approach to health as a busy Mum. This is another book that I often send to my clients especially as most of them are ‘stressed out’ Mums. If you follow the advice given it will most certainly be life changing.

7. Grain Belly, Wheat Brain by Heath Easton. As someone who discovered that wheat was a major contributing factor to my health issues, I’ve often advised my clients to cut consumption. It is a hard food for our digestive system to cope with and it is used in so many foods including animal feed. You do not necessarily need to completely cut it out but look to reduce your intake in order to be healthy. This book is a fantastic read and really looks in to the history of wheat consumption and how this relates to modern day disease.

8. Nourish and Glow; The 10 Day Plan by Amelia Freer. This book is written by a Nutritional Therapist who was trained in exactly the same way as me! I love her approach to health and again she explains it’s not just about what you eat. The positive food pyramid is genius.

9. Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson. I’ve got to say I typically roll my eyes when I see a celebrity writing a health book! However, I found this book to be really insightful. It looks in great depth about finding a balance that suits you and advises against following the latest fad. It also explains why your mindset is so incredibly important when it comes to your health.

10. The Stress Solution by Dr Rangan Chatterjee. I’ve only just finished this book as it was only released at Christmas. I spend a lot of my time talking to people about their stress levels (some are not even aware how stressed they are) as well as ways to manage stress. This book gives clear and concise explanations about how we have become so stressed in the era of 24/7 and technology. It also gives you activities to do that will completely calm your life. Another book that everyone should read but especially anyone with anxiety or depression.

Do you have any recommendations? Please post them in the comments. I always love to read about health, do you?

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