If you are the one responsible for the family meals on a daily basis I bet you’ve had those days where you just don’t know what to cook! If your husband or partner is anything like mine the only response you will get to the question “what shall we have for dinner?” is I don’t mind or sausages. What is it with men and sausages!?

Anyway I do so hate it when inspiration has left the building and you just can’t seem to fancy anything. Isn’t it incredible how much better a meal tastes when someone else has cooked it!?

Providing the family meals and being the sole cook of the household comes with great responsibility. You are the one that has to ensure that everyone is eating the right nutrition. That is pretty huge when you consider that the four biggest killers in the UK are diseases attributed to poor diet and lifestyle.

Wouldn’t it just be great if someone else planned all your family meals, made sure they were nutritionally balanced, tasted fabulous and gave you a shopping list with the recipes?

Well, funny you should ask!?

How does 10 weeks of meal plans complete with shopping list, recipes,  support, nutrition guidance and flexibility sound?

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