A programme was shown on ITV last night called Tonight The Foods We Eat. I recommend you watch this because it highlighted the simple mistakes that people make when trying to select healthy foods. Here is the link to the ITV Player.  http://www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=323399

The programme selected a group of woman working in an office environment. Each was asked to fill out a questionnaire relating to their energy levels throughout the day as well as, their concentration and productivity levels. They were then given a nutritionally balanced plan to follow and  after a few days asked to fill out the same questionnaire. The results were amazing. Now most of the time these programmes pick people that are obviously eating the wrong foods and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. The interesting feature of this programme was that the woman featured were all like you and me, trying to choose the right foods and stay fit and healthy.

During the years I’ve worked as a Nutritionist I’ve seen many people who write a food diary and say to me I do eat healthily. A quick glance and I can see striaght away where they are going wrong. The programme last night is a very typical situation.

The good news is that it can be so easily rectified with a bit of education and help. I can do this for you. At the moment I am looking at offering a ‘Qucik Fix’ nutrition solution. If you are disease free but maybe need more energy and better  focus then this could be something for you. Using the knowledge I have gained over the past 10 years I have put together a week by week plan for busy people who just want to feel better.  The cost of this is just £10 per week and there is no commitment to the number of weeks you want to do although I would recommend you do at least 4 weeks to get the full benefit.

If you would be interested in this please contact Julie at info@spring-nutrition.co.uk



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