23 days sugar free

I literally want to bounce around the room, jump up and down, clap my hands and SHOUT we’ve achieved 23 days without sugar BECAUSE I feel amazing!

The kids are currently staying at Nanny and Grandads in Norfolk where they have continued with their sugar free challenge without any complaints.

Now I have to admit that around day 18 or so I was really struggling with the lack of sugar, but I can now honestly say I’ve turned a corner and now feel awesome. I’m feeling that I no longer need that crutch, that pat on the back bar of chocolate or short-term energy boost.

What an amazing place to be – freedom from addiction!!!

My husband has also reported a change in taste buds and a huge reduction in sugar craving which is massive for a former chocolate addict!!!

So, even though my diet and my family’s diet were already low on sugar just taking it that one step further has been an eye opener.
Because sugar is in nearly everything (and if you’ve been following our progress, you will see that when I say everything it really is in everything!!!) even remotely convenient the amount of sugar we were consuming without even realising it was more than I’d like to admit.

We were sugar addicts without even realising it!

The good news is we are now completely free from any refined sugars and that’s a big step. This week we’ve also been reducing our natural sugars so very little honey, maple syrup etc has been used.

Whole fruit will still remain as it is incredibly good for you and I would not EVER want to remove a natural vitamin and mineral packed food from my diet (or that of my kids).

If you want to give it try why not sign up to my FREE 7-day family sugar free plan here.


  1. Wendy Jennings on August 24, 2018 at 6:19 am

    Really interested in this Julie.

  2. Fiona Vail on August 28, 2018 at 8:31 am

    Hi Julie
    I’d like to try the 7 day sugar free plan please.

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