Are you worth it?

This is another tricky subject to write about, but I felt the need to explore the cost involved with seeing me (or in fact any private therapist).

Health is one of those things we take for granted until something goes wrong! And when something does go wrong our first port of call is the GP or even A&E!

In the UK we are very lucky to have access to completely free medical facilities and support. We can go to a doctor with a list of symptoms, have a [very quick] chat about what’s going on and then be given advice or a medicine to help us alleviate our unpleasant issues.

Well that’s the idea anyway!

We have all been brought up in a society where health care is FREE!!

So, why on earth would you pay for anything to do with your health!

First of all, I prefer to think of the NHS as a place to go when I’m in need of urgent help, emergency situations or because I need medication i.e. for an infection or because I have a routine check-up, like a smear test or because I want to check that a symptom I have isn’t anything sinister!

The NHS is not much help when it comes to prevention and chronic illness and there are many doctors who confirm this. They simply do not have the time to look at all areas of your life and to recommend anything other than a pill (in the vast majority of cases).

I’m not having a go at doctors, they do an amazing job, under immense pressure, with huge patient lists and with very little time to get to the root cause.

This is where someone like me (or other therapists are available!!!) can really help. We are able to spend time to look at the whole you, your lifestyle, your emotions and frustrations, your likes and dislikes, your food and drink intake, your sleep and above all your aims and goals.

This type of treatment has recently been called Lifestyle Medication or Functional Medicine.

When I see a new client, I typically spend around 3-4 hours looking at all this information so I can best advise them.

I do this, because at the end of the day there is NOTHING more important than YOUR health or the health of your children!


Nothing. Period!

The amount of money I charge for an appointment reflects so much more than just the time I spend in person with them.

When you see a therapist, you need to take in to account the following:

1. Their years of experience (I have been qualified for 19 years and that’s a lot of knowledge).

2. The amount of money it cost them to be fully qualified (I’ve easily spent over £25000 on my education and continue to spend so I can keep up to date).

3. Their yearly insurances and governing body membership costs (so you can be safe and protected).

4. The cost of room hire or upkeep of their therapy room.

5. The limited number of clients they can see in a week (we are only one person and we cannot support you as you need by spreading ourselves too thinly).

6. The cost of technology, products or office supplies (don’t get me started on this!).

7. The cost of admin support.

8. The fact that they do not get paid if sick, on holiday or not working for whatever reason!


There are many situations where we pay without thinking too much about it. Things that we need to regular service or upkeep.

Our car is such a good example of this! Every year we have to service and MOT our car to keep it going, to check everything is ok, that it’s not going to breakdown, and this can run in to hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of pounds but when do we ever service ourselves?

We often say that health is our greatest wealth, but do we really take care of it?

Or do we wait until we are broken down?

“health can make money, but money cannot make health”

“all the money in the world cannot buy you back good health”

“so many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then try to regain their health by spending their wealth”

Doesn’t it make you think?

Don’t let yourself get to the point of breaking down. Your health is an investment! It is worth every penny you spend on it!

You have a right to lead a happy and healthy life, but you cannot do so without prioritising, valuing and looking after your mind, body and soul.

I can help you do this. This is exactly what I do – every week with people just like you!

I help people to value their health by showing them exactly how to lead a healthy, happy and fulfilling life!

And yes, I charge for this service because you are worth it and so am I!

Get started now…

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