Nutrition is NOT enough!

Nutrition is NOT enough!

In many ways I’m finding this blog difficult to write!


When I studied for my Nutrition degree, I thought food was the answer to EVERYTHING!


I was so convinced that I could ‘cure’ everything with nutrition.


But to be completely honest, if this was the case then everyone would follow a specific diet, and everyone would be fit and healthy – right!?


Uh – No!!


When I was in my late teens/early 20’s I suffered from the condition, chronic fatigue! If you’ve had it or have it, it’s bloody awful.


Back in the day this illness was called Yuppie Flu and most doctors had no idea about it, how to treat it or how to help. My GP (after 3 years of back & forth) concluded I was depressed and needed anti-depressants!!!


That was the final straw for me and this one visit to my GP led me down the path towards natural health and ultimately completing a Degree in Nutritional Medicine and completely changing my career! [I used to be a construction engineer!!!]


My journey to complete recovery not only came in the guise of nutrition but also in energetic therapy (such as acupuncture, reflexology) and probably the MOST important part, emotional detoxing!


Recently, I went to a retreat in Barcelona. The purpose of this retreat was in fact to look at my business and see where I wanted to take it. I have such a strong passion to help people lead a healthy life – especially woman, Mums and children.


I went on this ‘business’ retreat to find out how to get my message out to the world, to millions! [I know, I have big dreams!!!]


But what happened was unexpected but truly remarkable!


We didn’t actually look at anything to do with business! We looked at ourselves and I mean as deep as you can go!


I had some MAJOR shifts and revelations during this time, most of which was excruciatingly uncomfortable because it made me feel incredibly vulnerable!


Now although this sounds terrible it was 100% needed!


On my return from Barcelona, I suffered very similar symptoms to when I had chronic fatigue. This actually scared the shit out of me! I thought for a minute that I was heading back to that awful time and I DID NOT WANT TO GO THERE!! It lasted for 2 weeks.


However, it has taught me so much!


First of all, having chronic fatigue has been my biggest gift. It led me to discovering nutrition and natural health, something I love to do and am so incredibly passionate about. I truly believe it is my life’s purpose to help people with their health.


Barcelona reminded me that my condition was very much emotionally based. During this retreat we did so much emotional work it was no wonder it triggered these old symptoms.


Our bodies hold on to so much past and present trauma, stress and emotional baggage. These then show themselves as physical problems and physiological imbalances in the body (especially with regards hormones, immunity, inflammation and gut microbe)!


Your body is amazing, your mind is amazing, your HEART is a powerful source of information and healing.


In my experience, people often need a little help in recognising the underlying issues and then need guidance towards the right path for them so they can achieve balance and optimum health.


When I see my clients, I am never JUST A NUTRITONIST! I know that food is not enough to get you healthy and energised. I know that it’s important, it’s a foundation but it is just a piece of a bigger jigsaw to leading and experiencing a truly healthy life.


I’m always learning, tweaking things, adjusting and aiming for balance. Life changes as you get older, as your circumstances change, and you need to change with it.


No diet is going to solve your issues. You have to layer on all the other pieces of the puzzle. And this is exactly what I do when I see my clients!


If you’ve been to see me for a one to one session (and especially those who have committed to my 6-month support or been through my Get Back to You course) you know that I AM SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A NUTRITIONIST!


I look at every part of your life and yes, it can be quite the counselling session! But, until you can address your mind, body and soul, you cannot achieve the balance you need.


It can take a lot of TRUST to go there! But please trust me, when I say, I have been there, gone through it and continue to learn and grow from all of this knowledge.


I can honestly say with my hand on my heart, that if you are ready to look at balance then I can help you!


If you’ve tried all the things, all the diets, all the pills and you are still not feeling great but don’t know why then get in touch with me. I would love to help you! 


Julie x

P.S If any of this resonated with you, please do leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Carrie Matthews on June 14, 2019 at 9:31 am

    Hi, I came to you back in 2012 (I think) with the same problem you had. I was astonished and relieved to find a way through it and back to being well again after being told by my GP that I was in my forties and getting a bit tired!? I have ‘blips’ but I always go back to two things – what am I eating and what am I experiencing. I am going through home palliative care for my Mum at the moment (well the last 18 months actually) which as you can imagine is one hell of a roller coaster but as Ronan Keating once sang ‘you just gotta ride it’. But with what you taught me I think I can get through and come out the other side healthy and whole (I hope).

    Don’t stop doing what you’re doing because it helps me keep going and reminds me to be kinder and gentler to myself and also that I can’t look after others if I don’t look after myself. Julie, THANKS!

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