Breaking the habits of a lifetime!

As some of you know from my recent posts and launch of the Mind Over Food Matter course, I’ve been delving into the psyche and how this affects us.

When I wrote on my post about being stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage so many of you reached out and opened up about your struggles with sugar, alcohol, crisps and more.


You told me that despite knowing what you should be doing you continued to do the complete opposite, like you had no control. And this just left you feeling really s**t!

During my recent mind training I discovered that habits (forming them and breaking them) are the key to leading a healthy life.

Yes, your habits – the good and the bad!

I was talking to a client last week and she said “when I go to get my lashes done, they have a bowl of Lindt chocolates on the counter. I can’t go in there without eating at least 3 of them. Why do I do that?”

And I said, “because you are the person that eats the sweets and chocolates off the counters!”

I didn’t mean this flippantly so to explain…

If I’m going to a salon or clinic, I do not eat the sweets off the counter or the biscuit that comes with the tea or the chocolates that are offered as a thank you for your service. I don’t because I’m not that person! I do not have to exert any will power. I do not have to run that internal dialogue of should I, shouldn’t I. I simply do not connect the two. I’m there for one reason i.e. to get my hair done, I’m not there to eat those things. It doesn’t even cross my mind.

Because I’m not that person!

Now my client completely got this! It was such a big a-ha moment for her!

And if you can get this you can start to break your habits of a lifetime.

Imagine being the person that exercises regularly, that drinks enough water, that eats plenty of vegetables, that can take or leave half the bar of chocolate!

Imagine how different your life would be if you operated from that perspective and you did it automatically?

Your habits are like computer programmes running in the background. They are there to keep you safe and secure. To make sure you are happy and looked after.

But what if your computer has a virus? A habit that tells you drinking alcohol every day is somehow helping you. Or that sugar is your go to when things aren’t going to plan?

When you can change your habits, these computer programmes running without you even thinking about it, then you can BE and HAVE anything you want.

This is what I recently discovered, trained in and had the biggest wake up call of my life!

Now I get to show you how.

I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting this is.

Just think for a moment how amazing it would be to change all your habits to ones that serve you, support you and give you the life you want to lead.

That, my friend, is VERY powerful!

If this resonated with you and you are running your life under those demented computer programmes, then get in touch. It will change your life!

Email me now and tell me what habits are ruining or running your life.


Julie x

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