4 Interactive Activities to Help Kids Beat the Rainy-Day Blues

The kids need to work off their excess energy during rainy day-induced boredom. Fortunately, you have access to an unlimited number of resources that can help them do just that, all without ever leaving the house.

  1. Shake, rattle, and roll

YouTube offers an endless array of videos that can teach everything from Tango to Two-Step but kids may be more interested in unconventional forms of dance. Check out this Just Dance choreography featuring everyone’s favourite pint-sized plumber Super Mario. Not only is dancing fun, but also it’s a wonderful exercise for kids who live in a world where it’s more common to stare at a screen than run, jump and play. PSB Parents explains that exercise can help your kids grow stronger muscles and decrease their chances of becoming obese in adulthood.

  1. Beat to the tune of…

Music isn’t just good for the soul; it can also improve memory, build confidence and lead to social opportunities in a positive environment. The world-renowned Shankar Mahadevan Academy also reports that learning to play a musical instrument can even help improve children’s grades. Learning at an early age may be easier than grabbing a guitar in adulthood and even the youngest rockers in your brood aren’t without options. Children from toddlerhood to early elementary can learn rhythm using the drum or xylophone while older kids, who have developed a greater attention span along with manual dexterity, can move up to more complicated instruments such as the saxophone or clarinet.

  1. See it, draw it

It’s a common misconception that artistic talent is always innate. While this is true for some, drawing, painting and sculpting are all skills that can be learned and nurtured. Like playing music, indulging in the arts can lead to improved memory and comes with the added benefit of helping children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It’s also one of the most effective ways to communicate emotions when words simply won’t do. There are hundreds of different types of media – younger kids can, of course, use pencils and crayons and step up to pastels and paints. A quick Google search will open up a whole new world of artistic endeavours that will let your kids tap into their imaginations. If you have a free wall, consider letting them open their own art gallery to show off their masterpieces.

  1. Show them the power of math and science

Some kids love mathematics, while others will cringe at the very thought of a word problem. Whether they love or hate it, maths is an important subject, and you can teach your kids to appreciate these skills by showing them how they can incorporate math into everyday life. Have them measure a few pieces of furniture around the house, or take them food shopping and have them add up everything you put into the trolley. You can also show them how to make a household budget based on how much a person makes annually.

Consider spending your next rainy day satisfying your kid’s inquisitive nature by researching topics of interest. Use the bad weather as a springboard to let them get up close and personal with natural science. You can even do experiments with items you already have in your own kitchen – check out this homemade lava by Earth Science Jr. or this cloud in a bottle presented by the Institute of Physics.

While it’s OK to let your kids get bored every once in a while, there is no reason their boredom can’t lead to something productive, such as learning to play an instrument, beefing up their muscles, or channelling their inner Picasso. There is a whole new world out there waiting to explore, even if thunder and lightning keeps you behind closed doors.

About the writer: Jenny Wise home schools her four amazing children. As any home schooling parent knows, every day is an adventure, and Jenny has begun chronicling her experiences at SpecialHomeEducator.com. She hopes to use the site to connect with other home schoolers and to provide helpful advice to parents who may be considering a home education for their kids. 

I would like to thank Jenny for this article. It’s great to have rainy day ideas even if your kids are in school, there’s always the school holidays and weekends to deal with!!! One of my favourite activities to do with my kids on a rainy day is baking & cooking. You can download my 25 after school snacks for some great recipes to make with your kids.


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