The Top 5 Things You Want

When a client comes to see me, I will often ask them this question – “if I had a magic wand what could I do for you?”

Most of us are lucky enough to be in a position where our basic needs are met i.e. food, shelter & water etc.

So, what are the 5 most common wants I’ve seen in my many years as a Nutritionist (remember that a Nutritional Therapist does not just look at the food you eat!!!).

Number 1 is Energy

If I just had more energy…………….

Energy is such a good indicator of overall health. When we feel energised we are so much better placed to be positive, happy, balanced, calm and this makes us more likely to be active, to make the right food choices, to sleep better and to have good relationships.

On the flip side being tired makes us less able to manage stress, we tend to gravitate towards the quick fixes (the ones we know don’t do us any favours), our sleep quality is reduced, our activity levels go down and our outlook on life is affected.

When we are tired we are vibrating at a much lower frequency and it’s not a great place to be.

Your energy levels are directly linked to a number of key factors. These include the foods you eat, the fluids you drink, your sleep routine, stress factors and much more. The good news is that all of these are actually relatively easy to sort out.

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Number 2 is Happiness (balanced mood)

Mood swings or low mood are a very common reason to seek help from a Nutritionist. Your mood can be impacted by a number of reasons. The most usual reasons include:

• Diet
• Stress
• Sleep Quality
• Activity Levels
• Medications
• Medical Condition
• Life Circumstances

Many of the above can be managed with dietary and lifestyle changes. Of course, if you are concerned about your mental health or any medical condition you should first seek help from your GP.

It’s interesting that when we have an abundance of energy we are nearly always happy too! So, if you are feeling you need a boost in this area then why not try the 5-day Energy Accelerator to see how this impacts your mood.

In my Get Back to You Programme (for Mums), we specifically look at mood & happiness in the module – The Happiness Formula. The next course starts on 29th October.

The definition of happiness is different for everyone, but mood is often governed by the chemicals in your body. There is no doubt that food affects your mood. There is also so much evidence to support the statement “The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes”. It is therefore possible to change your thoughts and focus on gratitude and positivity which has the ability to life your mood.

Here are my top tips to balance mood and increase happiness:

• Eat a healthy balanced diet
• Get outside and exercise
• Look at your sleep routine
• Do relax, meditate, breathing exercises
• Do more of the things you enjoy
• Lighten your load – are you taking on too much?
• Talk to someone – a problem shared!
• Ditch any artificial highs (caffeine, sugar, alcohol, recreational drugs)
• Check your medication (look at the side effects listed)
• Seek help from a GP if you are concerned

Number 3 is Health (I just want to feel healthy)

Feeling and being healthy is something that needs a conscious effort to achieve. It also needs consistency. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice.

A healthy person will eat in a certain way, exercise regularly, drink sufficient water etc etc – you get the picture!

Your health is dependent on many things from the food you eat, your activity levels, your sleep quality, relationships, ability to manage stress, your DNA and more.

Again, you can see how this is directly linked to your energy levels. If you are ‘feeding’ your body’s energy factory in the correct way, then you will feel a sense of vitality.

By boosting your energy, you will be covering a lot of the actions needed to be healthy!

For some, feeling healthy is simply being symptom free. For others it is feeling an abundance of energy.

Both are worthy definitions.

It starts with your energy, so go back to number 1 and join the 5-day energy Accelerator!

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Number 4 is Weight (could be to lose or to gain weight)

Arghhh! Weight is such a complex subject. In fact, I have an entire booklet devoted to this topic [a blog post for another day!!!].

I find it so disturbing that our current generation are being subjected to unrealistic pictures of what a body should look like. It is no wonder that eating disorders are on the rise.

The first place to start is to focus on the positives. Everyone is different and there is no one way to look, measure or weigh!

When I work one to one with a client on weight issues (and this could be to lose or gain it) it is always a very personal and bespoke programme.

If weight is your Achilles heel then you can begin with the food you eat, your activity levels, your stress levels and quality of sleep – see I’m sounding like a broken record now!!!

And if that doesn’t work and you need help with emotional eating, cravings, nutrient imbalances, conditions that effect weight (i.e. thyroid) and knowing exactly what to eat and when then schedule a call with me HERE.

Number 5 is Education (understanding exactly how to be healthy)

A lot of people will say to me; I just want to understand why I feel or look this way, what I should be eating, what exactly is a healthy diet, what should I give my kids to eat, what supplements should I take and what do I need to do stay healthy and disease free?

This all comes down to education. If you follow me on social media or receive my emails you will know that I’m all about empowering, you with the knowledge you need to lead a healthy life. I do this in a no nonsense, step by step, easy way.

I like to take things back to basics.

If you’re a Mum, then I would really recommend you check out my Get Back to You course. It is a huge education but done in such a simple way. Just look at the modules and see what others have said about the course.

Everything starts with your energy so understanding how your body gets, makes and uses energy is key to understanding your health and vitality.

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