Top 8 Foods to Grow for Health

Growing your own food is so incredibly rewarding. You will experience such a difference in the taste (just wait ‘til you taste the homegrown tomatoes – shop tomatoes are sprayed with a chemical to make them turn red when they have been picked green).

You will also be pleased in the knowledge that your food is truly organic without any use of plastic, packaging, distribution miles and more plus it helps the kids to form a good relationship with food.


Win Win!!!


Here are my top 8 foods to grow for health.


1. Rainbow Carrots
2. Swiss Chard
3. Berries
4. Peas
5. Salad Leaves
6. Beetroot
7. Tomatoes
8. Herbs


Rainbow Carrots

Rainbow carrots come in the colour’s orange, purple, red and yellow. The colours offer a significant boost of vital antioxidants. These special nutrients help to keep your system clean by hoovering up the debris caused by all the chemical reactions in your body.

Antioxidants help to slow the ageing process and support your immune system.

These are easy to grow. You need to start planting your seeds NOW!!


Swiss Chard

A dark leafy green packed full of fibre and nutrients. We know we need to eat more greens, and this is a great way to do it! A serving of chard will give you your entire RDA of vitamin A and a 1/3rd of your magnesium.

Another easy one to grow. It’s time to start planting those seeds!



Blackberries contain a serious amount of vitamin C needed for your immune system, wound healing and to support your stress response! Also high in fibre and because of the colour, a powerful antioxidant.

You can grow these in a pot or straight in the ground. They are a very hardy plant and are often seen growing along railway lines along alley ways and rough ground.

It’s best to buy a bush and plant it in Autumn so one to prepare for next time. Or go foraging for these around August/September.



The common garden pea (often seen as a staple in the frozen section of the supermarket) is packed full of nutrition. High in protein and many vitamins, they make the ultimate snack when picked fresh. My children love going in the garden and picking/eating the fresh peas, it makes for a much healthier after school snack!!!

You need to get sowing now!!!


Salad Leaves

Another way to get the leafy greens in to your diet. They come with an array of nutrients including fibre, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A & K plus iron and protein.

You can grow a selection of salad leaves in pots or in the ground. They are super easy to do, and some varieties will keep growing after you’ve cut them.

Or for ease you can always opt to buy a living salad from the supermarket!

Get sowing now!!



Provides 20% of your daily folic acid needs. The colour of beetroot means it contains a powerful antioxidant, which by now you know is rather important! The nitrates in this food are known to enhance athletic performance by increasing the activity in the mitochondria (your energy making factory). Beetroot is also known to reduce inflammation in the body.

I think you’ll agree that this really is a super food!

I personally love roasted beetroot.

These are super easy to grow, very hardy and versatile. Best sowed outside at the end of April, perfect Easter activity for the kids!!!



There are many different varieties of tomato, I personally love the yellow cherry tomatoes. We grow ours in pots or handing baskets.

They are full of great nutrients including lycopene and other powerful antioxidants. Plus, they taste super yummy and kids usually love tomatoes for the sweetness.

Sow your seeds now or opt for plants in a month’s time.



There is nothing more satisfying than picking fresh herbs from the garden (or even the windowsill) to enhance the flavours in a homecooked meal. Some herbs are incredibly hardy and will grow with very little care i.e. rosemary, sage, mint, thyme whereas others are better grown inside or in hot climates e.g. basil, coriander.

Herbs have many benefits and a long list of health claims.

For example, sage is known to improve memory, mint is known to relieve nausea, rosemary can suppress allergic reactions etc……..

For help with growing herbs:


Do you grow your own food? What do you regularly grow? Please leave me a comment.

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