Don’t Let the School Holidays run your health in to the ground

I fully appreciate having the kids off school means that your usual routine has gone out of the window and you will probably be struggling to keep to your healthy habits!

There will be days out, last minute meals, juggling work, summer drinking and all those BBQ’s. You may also have times when you are at your wits end and feel the need to treat yourself.

After all, you are doing a great job despite the kids trashing the house, eating everything in sight and pushing you over the edge!

There may be times when you find yourself turning to sugary treats and even alcohol as a way of coping or rewarding yourself!!

Clearly this is not the answer! So, before your good intentions completely disappear over the horizon, use this break from the stop watch, as a great opportunity to boost your nutrition intake.

Here are my top 10 tips to help you stay on track.

1. Make sure you start the day with the best possible breakfast and NEVER skip this meal.

2. Have some healthy snacks prepared such as my flapjack recipe or energy balls so that you always have something healthy to grab.

3. If you are going out for the day take a healthy packed lunch; that way you will be less inclined to end up eating the wrong sort of food. Take a baked treat so you can still enjoy the tea/coffee and cake break!

4. Write a meal plan for the week. This will seriously reduce your stress levels. Once you’ve decided on what you are going to have for dinner simply list out all the ingredients and food you need. Then go online and order your shopping to be delivered. The last thing you want is to have to visit the supermarket with the kids in tow. It always reminds me of that advert where the Mum lies on the floor and throws a full tantrum! Don’t let that be you!!!!

5. Make sure you are drinking enough water as this is the best way to keep your healthy eating on track and avoid food cravings.

6. Make sure you get enough sleep. If you are tired you will be ratty and stressed with the children and will be more likely to eat the wrong types of food.

7. Take 10 minutes to yourself – ideally before the kids get up and set your intention for the day. Even better try a little meditation as this will really help you to manage any of the stress that gets thrown at you over the holidays.

8. Don’t abandon your exercise routine. Even if you have to change the day/time or type of activity make sure you SCHEDULE this in to your week!

9. Download my Summer Food Survival Plan as this comes with 21 super quick meals, 25 healthy snacks, 15 picnic and packed lunch ideas, 10 ice lolly recipes to keep you cool AND a meal planner & tracker! You’re definitely going to be needing those over the school holidays.

10. Have fun! We only get 18 summers with our children before they are all grown up and we become far too embarrassing to be seen with!!!

For the sake of the kids and your own sanity, download your plan HERE.

Sail through the holidays feeling energised, relaxed, in control and ever so happy that you kept your health on track!

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