Are you pushing to the limits?

Yesterday I listened to a pod cast with Dr Chatterjee. He was speaking to the extreme runner Kilian Jornet about the benefits of pushing the limits and discovering yourself.

He said this:

“by pushing the body to its limits, all the masks that you wear in everyday life are removed and you will be able to find out who you really are”

Finding out who you really are is so incredibly important. This week on my Get Back to You Course we’ve been discussing the necessity of having Me Time!


When you strip back all the things you have to do, the endless management of house and home, kids and family, work and the daily grind you get to truly be present with yourself.


And being present with yourself allows you to BE who you really are, to get answers to your questions, to know and find the right path and way forward. Being present with yourself allows your body to switch out of fight and flight.


Me Time is an absolute must for your well-being!


You also have to be fully present with your mind, body and soul when you are pushing yourself to the limits!


Kilian also said “Be Bored Enough to Face Yourself”


What he means is that when you take 5, 10 or 15 minutes to just be quiet you can listen to what your body, mind and soul are really saying to you!


In my emotional eating course, I ask you to sit with your thoughts for 15 minutes BEFORE deciding to eat or drink the ‘thing’ that you are craving or wanting in that moment. You have to face the emotion whether it be boredom, anger, fear, resentment, reward, self-loathing etc. If you don’t you will binge eat without even being aware in an attempt to suppress the emotion!


Now this may sound a bit deep so let me explain it in a simpler way.


To achieve a healthy lifestyle, you need to BE healthy, balanced and fit.


Think of someone you know who is where you want to be with your health. What are they doing, who are they being in order to show up in their life as healthy and balanced? Then look at yourself, what you are doing and being?


  • Does a healthy person sit in front of the TV stuffing food late at night?
  • Does a healthy person drive their car everywhere?
  • Does a healthy person fill up on junk food?
  • Does a healthy person rely on convenience food?
  • Does a healthy person get angry at the drop of a hat?
  • Does a healthy person constantly burn the candles at both ends?
  • Does a healthy person forget to drink water?
  • Does a healthy person make constant excuses about why they can’t lead a healthy life?


Do you get my meaning?


So how does pushing the limits come into this?


And what are limits? And how could they benefit you?


I’ve always loved the quote “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”!


I believe that everyone has a different definition of what their limits are, but it got me thinking about the benefits to pushing to the limits – physically, emotionally and mentally.


You cannot grow as a person if you don’t go beyond your limits.


Life is about growing, learning and developing.


You create new strength when you go beyond your limits.


You create a new level of confidence and self-belief.


You will feel ALIVE!


When was the last time you actively pushed yourself to your limits?


It could be something physical, mental of emotional.


When you are not growing you are stagnant? Stuck in those bad habits you don’t really want. That unhappiness you sometimes feel. That frustration. That thought, is this it!


You may even be uncomfortably comfortable.

This relates to health and wellness because staying in your ‘comfort’ zone or that familiarity will just keep you feeling tired, sluggish, moody, craving foods and drinks that are not good for you and preventing you from letting go of excess weight or annoying symptoms, restless nights or whatever may be YOUR issue.


Can you make the connection?


This weekend I am truly pushing myself to the limits. I tell you this to inspire you!


This weekend at the age of 48 years old I will be competing at the Adults British Gymnastics Championships. I will be hurling myself at full speed towards a vault that is only 25cm shorter than me! I will perform acrobatic elements on a beam high in the air and only 10cm wide. I will dance and tumble my way across the floor and swing up and over the uneven bars!


Yes, I love this activity but every year I push myself even further. I will be competing my highest level of difficulty to date. It scares me shitless BUT it also allows me to express myself, to be ALIVE to experience how truly amazing the human body is and to believe and be proud of myself.


I could not do this if I didn’t take care of my body, mind and soul. I have to be physically, emotionally and mentally all in. I believe it is a testament to practicing what I preach.


What have you done recently that has given you these feelings? Please do share and let me know what you are doing to grow and expand.


And if you’re reading this and thinking – wow, I haven’t pushed myself since I can remember than do this exercise:


Start giving yourself that 10 or so minutes quiet time. No distractions, no phone, just you and your thoughts. Ask yourself what you truly desire and see what answers you get. If you don’t get any answers at first keep asking and then LISTEN.


Observe those that you look up to and see what habits they have that you could adopt. Start being honest with yourself. Are you trying or are you really doing?


And if your health is screaming at you then get in touch. Ask for help and together we will enable you to BE the person you’ve always wanted to be.


In a recent blog I wrote that Nutrition is NOT enough and hopefully my writing here is helping to solidify that and give you greater understanding.


And for those that just read this and thought, holy moly Julie has clearly been taking drugs or lost the plot then be rest assured that is not case and I’m just on a journey of truly learning ALL that goes in to maintaining and living the healthiest of life’s in today’s busy world.


I hope that by being honest and open with you about ALL these things will inspire you to look at your entire life.

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