Easter for People with Allergies

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere except you can’t eat dairy, nuts, soya, egg or gluten!!!

It can be extremely difficult to find the right product to enjoy, especially if buying for a relative or friend with allergies or intolerances.

To make things a bit easier I give you my top pick for Easter treats for those who need to avoid certain ingredients.

1. Raw chocolate Easter Egg – gluten, dairy, soya free but does contain nuts. Raw chocolate is packed full of nutrients so this is about as close as you can get to a healthy Easter egg!!!

2. MooFree – this company produces a number of tasty products including Easter Eggs without using dairy, soya or gluten.

3. Hotel Chocolat Vegan Bunny – these do contain soya and are made in a factory with nuts, but these are vegan so no eggs or dairy. They are also gluten free. They have a number of options in their vegan range, not just the bunny!!

4. Kinnerton Nut Safe Easter Eggs – these are guaranteed free from nuts but do contain soya and dairy. Tesco will stock these for a limited period so do get them ordered if you need a nut free Easter treat.

5. Yumbles – this company do an Easter Treat Box as well as other products. They are dairy and gluten free and vegan but do contain soya and are made in a factory that handles nuts.

6. D&D Chocolate Bunny Basket – this product is made in a nut free factory and is also dairy and gluten free and vegan. Contains soya!

7. Plamil Chocolate Easter Eggs – these are generally free from dairy, nuts, gluten and state only that they may contain traces of soya. Vegan friendly.

8. Booja Booja Easter Eggs – are seriously good. They are free from dairy, gluten and soya as well as being organic. They are beautifully presented.


Make your own!

Make your own raw chocolates – this way you can completely control the ingredients but still enjoy chocolate at Easter. Easy to make – just click HERE.

Or how about some Hot Cross Buns without dairy, gluten or egg?  Click HERE.

Happy Easter!


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