How to supercharge your energy!

When your energy is low EVERYTHING is affected. You simply cannot function as you would normally, you cannot do the things you want to, you don’t want to prepare healthy food, you crave the sugar loaded stuff and you cannot move and exercise. And don’t get me started on the stress response – when you’re tired you cannot react in a rational manner!

It’s a vicious cycle!

Now energy has always been a personal subject for me to talk about. It comes from having chronic fatigue in my late teens/early 20’s! I really do know and understand what it’s like to have zero energy (and I mean zero)!

When I recovered from chronic fatigue (which I achieved by using nutrition and other lifestyle interventions) I clearly remember thinking to myself I need to tell as many people as I can about this!

During my studies (many years ago) whilst undertaking a degree in Nutritional Medicine I again remember thinking that I wanted to get this information out to as many people as I could.

So here I am, sharing with you my experience and knowledge in the hope that I help you to be as healthy as you can be.

When you really think about it time and energy are so important. If we call health energy, then you can really understand what I’m trying to convey. And whilst we cannot go back in time, we can most definitely improve our energy.

And if we do that, then we get the chance to feel amazing, we can take on the world, we can do ANYTHING, we can even deal with the kids being on school holidays!!!

During my day to day life, overhearing other people’s conversations and in working with my clients and groups there is a common theme that tends to come up.

It’s being tired all the time!

Or worse………

Being tired BUT thinking it’s normal, that’s how life is when you’re working and parenting!

Right!?…..well actually no!!!!

You may well be feeling tired when you don’t actually need to!?


What if, you are doing the things that zap your energy every day and you don’t even realise it.

What if you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be ENERGISED and full of vitality.

I want to help you.

So, how do you supercharge your energy?

First you need to know how your body makes energy, uses energy, wastes energy and stores energy. You need to know what boosts your energy and what depletes your energy.

And then you need to know the 5 actions to do to incorporate this in to your everyday life in really simple ways so you never have to say (unless there’s a medical reason):

I am so tired………………..(like all the time)!

There are 5 key areas and simple actions to take that will make a huge difference.

In the past year I’ve taken over 1000 Mums through my 5 step proven energy accelerator method. I explain everything you need to know about your energy and the 5 actions you need to take to supercharge it!

I’ve recently updated this plan so you even have a meal plan to follow that focuses on boosting your energy levels. And I’ve made it family friendly, after all you don’t want to be cooking different meals.

The next ENERGISE YOUR LIFE is starting on Monday 28th September and I will be showing you exactly how to boost your energy in 5 easy steps.

Now imagine how much easier your life would be if you had an abundance of energy….

For more information and to join me just click HERE.

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