Are you repeating the same cycles of self-sabotage?

Apparently, the 17th January (or the 12th or the 19th depending on what you read) is the ‘official’ day that most people fail to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions.

How depressing!!!!

And then we also have the media telling us that this year the 20th January was officially (I really don’t know where the official bit comes from) named the most depressing day of the year. Seriously, they called it blue Monday!

Again, how depressing!!!

I personally take no notice of any of it and instead focus on what can be done to help people stay healthy and happy whatever the time of year.

So, what do you do if you’ve attempted to stick to a new goal and you’ve found yourself right back in your old ways and habits?

Last week I ran my popular 7-day reset plan. The aim of this is to help people kick start a new healthy regime, to understand how healthy choices make you feel, to ditch the Christmas sugar monster and to start to look at forming a new relationship with food.

For many people it’s the forming of new habits that takes the effort.

Because CHANGING is hard – right!?

We so often end up slipping back in to old (familiar) cycles because they are safer, easier options and because we haven’t known how to really make the change stick!

I see so many people doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Some of those who went through the 7-day reset have already slipped back to their old habits and others have continued to stick to their healthy approach.

What makes them different?

It is easy to follow a plan for 7 days (although many people find this hard) as you can use your will (power) for this amount of time.

Our will power comes from the logical part of our brain and is responsible for enabling us to start new things, to rationalise situations and to determine whether or not it would be of benefit to us!

The problem is this part of the brain is not the boss!

The brain boss is a completely different section. The section that deals with your survival is the boss!

It makes sense when you think about it!

If you are faced with a life-threatening situation you need your body to just kick in with the goods. No timing for thinking or rationalising, just do it – run or fight response!

But here is the problem, this part of the brain also holds our habits. Habits keep us safe and conserve our energy. Habits are in the ‘boss’ part of the brain.

This means that our willpower can NEVER out do the boss!

Therefore, your habits are always in charge of you!


In order to change you have to change the programming in the ‘boss’ part of the brain!

And when you know how to do that, ANYTHING is truly possible.

The people who manage to stick to their goals are the ones who have changed their habits and are no longer relying on will power!

If you’ve tried so hard time and time again to stick to a new diet, exercise regime or anything to support your health BUT failed, this is why!

It’s not your fault!

You have simply run out of will power and the boss has taken over. The boss also comes out in times of stress – hence emotional eating and drinking!

If you want to find out more and really want to know how to change your habits. Those habits keeping you stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage then get in touch with me HERE and let me know what you would love to change about your life and I can give the tools to do it!

Anything is possible when you know how!

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